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gwen baker

HI thanks for the info. Going to do a demo on this at the PCCMMRetreat in June. Have a couple of other ways if you would be interested

Wendy Fedan

Awesome, Jenny! I'm sending this link to the people on my retreat list!

You are my favorite Craft Therapist, Jenny! :)


Hi Jenny: Crafting---Crafting is all about theraypy. Won't you join us as a guest blogger on craftforhealth.com We'd love to hear your story about how crafting helped you! Kp. www.CraftForHealth.com

Preserving Wedding Flowers

Great post! Useful tips and beautiful picture of Memento beads... Thanks for sharing! From http://www.mayweddingflowers.com

Prayer Bracelet

Hi Jenny, pretty nice work with the memento beads. Using craft as therapy is awesome.

I did kinda the same thing with an orthodox prayer bracelet. I tried to tie one personaly.. (it took me 3 days) but when I was making the knots it felt like meditation...

God Bless,

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